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While I commend and gatlery appreciate your never-ending deep thought on the the subject of Canada Soccer I feel compelled to point out that your counter-argument is also slightly over-simplified. Without a doubt the professional game and use of Academies in England is significantly different than in Canada. This is as much to do with how long the respective systems have been in place as the sheer numbers difference. As a result it is no surprise that 75% of English Academy grads are out of the professional game by the age of 21. In a country like Canada where this infrastructure is just getting set up I would suspect the Academies to initially be a but more successful. If not for the obvious reason that this is the first time that such opportunities have been available then because the opportunity is there to participate in an Academy setting for the first time IN CONJUNCTION with professional opportunities being better than ever for young hopefuls.Nonetheless, I agree that the development of Academies and professional opportunities are not the only necessary change but they are indeed significant.Thanks for all your efforts Jason.